the daily purge 6-13-16


Well, it sure looks like the middle of a computer. And it is. Does the Bible say anything about technolgy and any inherent dangers? Maybe. Daniel 12:4 states

But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”

Some peeps think this Scripture suggests that too much easy access to knowledge is bad. It could be true. How else do we explain modern day inventions that can lead to our deaths like hoverboards that go nuts and drive riders into elevator shafts, or camera applications on phones that lead many to record rather than rescue a person in trouble, and misbehaving teens who might fly their personal drones into engines of passenger planes?

These innards can also looks like a Russian city. It has a bunch of high-rise apartments, black, in the center and off to the left of them. Those are called ‘домино’, which is Russian for ‘dominoes’ because they look like dominoes capable of toppling onto each other right down the row. They were called ‘Leninskikh Gorakh Kvartiry’ (Lenin Heights Apartments) back in the day when everything was named ‘Lenin this’ or ‘Lenin that’. You can see plenty of warehouses along the outer edge of the city. They hold state-of-the-art tractors built in the 1970s, Western jeans, knock-off cell phones, and hundreds of thousands of copies of the fun, family game, Twister, from Milton Bradley. The game was once banned by authorities and family planners, condemned as a capitalist tool used to engage prime Soviet youth in premarital dancing. You can also see many circular towers which hold drinking water, nuclear sludge, liquid pesticides for farm use, and hydrogen chloride needed for technology and industry. And that massive aluminum building right there in the middle of God’s green Earth? It is the local vodka factory.

This computer was disassembled, destroyed and thrown out with the dirty bath water. Please do not initiate an internet search of ‘dirty bath water’. The result is ugh.

Judges 20:40 – But when the flame began to arise up out of the city with a pillar of smoke, the Benjamites looked behind them, and, behold, the flame of the city ascended up to heaven.


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