the view from the pew 6-11-16

Ack! New songs! Now I have to concentrate. These songs are “Oh, Our Lord and King”, “Jesus, Be the Center”, then we sang Psalm 25 as a ditty. But all these did was lull me into a sense of ho-humness. Then “BOM-Bom-bommm!”, Pastor rolled out the sermon like a road paver and I was composite pavement. It’s easy for some Christian peeps to look at you and say,

“You’d better behave or God’ll getcha … Eff you don’t. Watch. Out!”

to which we (me) smartypanted Christians say,

“Tut tut, God doesn’t work that way. If you’d read the Bible you’d know better.”

Then Tom Z. proclaims 2 Samuel 11 on us and I wilt under the story of King David and a great sin of his. He’d had improper relations with the wife of Uriah the Hittite. To deal with this ‘political’ issue, David ordered his lieutenant, Joab, to make sure Uriah was left out in the open to be killed in battle so he could have his wife, Bat Sheva, for himself. Long Scripture short, David and Bat Sheva had a baby and despite his sin, God did not hold David to his oath of killing the protagonist of Nathan’s rebuke (which was King David himself). Instead, God took the life of his and Bat Sheva’s baby.


King David suffered the consequence for his sin but it sure seemed like God took a Personal interest in it. If you point a gun at the lady taking your Wendy’s order, you’ll go to jail. If you wink at the woman at the bar, chances are you’ll be exchanging a googley eye for a black one. Look at your neighbor’s test sheet? Welcome to being kicked out of school. These are consequences we think are handled by the local authorities. We don’t think of God hanging around in the background making sure I get a flat tire as soon as the police chase begins. And I don’t think that happens, either, for the most part. Things fall apart because of our sinful nature. But why the baby of David and Bat Sheva? I don’t know. There is so much about a life with God I don’t understand and I know there is more that I am not allowed to know. And that’s OK. Here is one thing I do know. It’s something I heard on Moody radio a few years ago. In an interview, Dr. Rosalie de Rosset said:

“Sin is fun, or we wouldn’t do it. Then it cuts your throat.”


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