the daily purge 6-10-16


Ay, laddy, it’s a camera! It runs on batteries, requires a flash when the ball of light in the sky is eaten by the Earth (nom nom), and it uses one long piece of plastic (scientifically called ‘film’) which unwraps from one pole, is exposed to light, and then wraps itself around another pole at the other end of the camera not unlike a snake moving from tree to tree in the jungle. Then the plastic waits. Waits. And waits until the film is removed and taken to a processing center. Are there even any film processors anymore? Do local pharmacies offer this service? They don’t sell smokes. They don’t sell moonshine. They don’t sell handguns. It makes you wonder what they do sell. They do sell rubber balls and sudoku puzzlebooks and car perfumes. Back to the camera. This camera took pictures of my chucklins, usually when they was doin’ somethin’ goofy, but that’s what chucklins do. Some cultures believe that having your picture taken means having your soul stolen. Maybe these societies know something about theology. Here’s some James:

Vs 2:26 For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Based on societal norms this camera is a clunker. It’s a piece of plastic that will take 50,002 years to evaporate on a heap of trash somewhere in the Dakotas, or float about on a garbage barge in the Pacific Ocean, or better yet, shot into the Sun only to come back to Earth 9 minutes later as polyester photons. Whee!

Psalm 113:3   From the rising of the sun to its setting, let the name of Yahweh be praised.


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