the daily purge 6-8-16


Hello, it is June 8, this year. I can tell you are aching for a Didjaknow? Fun Fact.

Didjaknow that on this date in the year 1794, Max Robespierre (he of The French Revolution) inaugurated a new state religion, The Cult of the Supreme Being. Max was no friend of the godless Cult of Reason, the state religion replacing the previous state religion, the Catholic Church. Max’s cult was a mix of the those two, stating that virtue could be attained through reason. The Cult of the Supreme Being was shortlived, however, as it met its demise on July 28, 1794, by the edge of the guillotine that executed Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre.

What we have above is a tchotchki, in this case, a church tchotchki, a small and usually inexpensive gift given to Sunday School teachers or vacation Bible school (VBS) leaders and helpers. A tchotchki is not to be mistaken with the fictional television character  “Chachi” on the sitcom Happy Days, played by Scott Baio. Nor should it be confused with a “church key”, a nickname for a bottle opener. The Purging Lutheran, from his days as a church school worker, received many such tchotchkis, both spiritual and secular. One that I have to this day is a ‘ghost’ made from a half toilet paper tube with a white cloth around it and googly eyes. I keep it on the window shelf above my kitchen sink in which I hold twistie ties. Twistie ties can be confounding fellows when they want to be. They’ll go missing at a moment’s notice, carried away by a cat if one lands on the floor or blending in with our black bread box.

This one is an acrylic block and by some tom-trickery was able to be produce with a likeness of the crucified Christ inside it. In it can also be seen an opened Bible and a pair of hands beholding in awe the knowledge of a Christ-soon-to-be-resurrected, putting an end the Death.


Daniel 12:2  And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.


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