the daily purge 6-7-16


I don’t think God intended time to have so many buttons. In a perfect world (Heaven) we will eat properly, exercise regularly, and have limited internet availabilty. There will be no late night shows after the local news so every saint will get a good night’s sleep. A result of this God-fangled  lifestyle will be that our heartbeats will be synchronized, all a-thumping at 1 beat per second or 60 beats per minute, the basis for our modern day clocks and watches. If you’ll want to know how long it takes synchronized angels to swim the sky you’ll only need hold your neighbor’s wrist and count the beats. Of course, My Sweet Rib won’t care about aeronautic aquatics, but only whether she will work God’s Ye Olde Testament Chocolate Shoppe.

I’m not sure where or how or why or when we came upon this blue clock. If you remember an old Nickelodeon show called You Can’t Do That On Televsion, there was a part where if you were a doofus you would have ‘the green slime’ dumped on you from above. They used the same bright green, splatty concept on their GAKulator, a calculator made to look like a splat of ‘the green slime’. This blue clock’s design reminds of the GAKulator.

1 John 2:17   And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.


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