the daily purge 5-24-16


Panda. Clay panda. Desk décor. Shelf sitter. Thinga Mujjab. Teacher’s gift. It’s a ‘here ya go‘.

Delivered in a box or a coffee mug

or hanging from a tree like a bulb.

Pandas, as generally reported, are fine, plump, cute, and reasonable bears. They are never seen tearing up the scenery, holding up liquor stores or ‘jacking an SUV. If pandas were humans I’d say “Good for them!”. Most of getting through life with a good reputation is having a public relations team working for you. Actually, pandas hardly even have a dark side. As it is, the worst they do, after they mate with the missus, is to ‘hit the road’ when the babe is born, leaving her to be a single mother. The rest of their time is spent eating bamboo. That’s it. They certainly don’t rate a Hasbro’s “Giant Panda* and Bamboo Action Set (*with adjustable paws)”. So, really, that they are given as tchotchkis to retired teachers and zoo keepers is probably just about the right thing to do with these.

Proverbs 17:12   Let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs, Rather than a fool in his folly.


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