the daily purge 5-16-16


Purse 2: Electric Boogaloo

This is definitely an Our Marta purse. It has a strap she would hang over a shoulder. My Sweet Rib has never been seen with a purse supported by her shoulder. Except on occassions, MSR usually carries a purse much larger than this one. Our Marta is a young girl and doesn’t need to carry much more than her ID, an Über card, a Visa, some loose dollars bill and a cardboard coaster from the last bar she visited. MSR, however, is older and more mature. The years have taught her that a woman ought always carry these items in her purse: pain relief medicine; mints; a handkerchief; a pencil; an envelope from a past bill to make a list of places needed to go for Saturday errands; reading glasses; makeup; makeup; a small mirror used to find rogue eyelashes; a bandaid (almost always just one); nail clippers; an old ticket stub from the movie house; a receipt from Kohls needed to return a pair of slacks left at home draped over a dining room chair; an unopened fork, spoon, knife, and napkin set from Taco Bell; and makeup. Then you still have “girl stuff”. You men know what I mean but you don’t want to know what I mean. Your significant’s purse is not unlike a woman’s restroom. There’s something about them a man can’t possibly understand nor should they try. God made man and woman different and as the French say,

“vive la difference!”

1 Corinthians 11:11  Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man nor man of woman;


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