the daily purge 5-13-16 (boo!)


What rhymes with ‘crayon’?

‘Crayfish’? Kind of, but sadly, no.

‘Awning’? Closer.

‘Women’s liberation’? If you’re a member of The Beat Generation, then probably yes.

‘Rayon’? Most people would say ‘yes’ but they’d be wrong. Its definition: a manufactured regenerated cellulose fiber. In other words, it’s a fabric fabricated by a scientist trying to play God. Because there is no etymological history of the word we know it’s been made up, probably by one of his kids, thus has no standing in the world of rhymes.

These crayons belonged to Our Marta. She once was a lean, mean picture makin’ machine. Most young girls, given a box of crayons, will draw pictures of two smiling girls standing hand in hand with a caption above saying, Me and Allie, or best friends forever, that sort of thing. If it’s a boy, count on them drawing a battle scene between tanks, jets, ships, and soldiers. There’ll be a lot of smoke billowing from a ship or a tank. Bullets will be sprayed from the jets strafing soldiers on the ground who yell  Aaah! or Tell my pet fish goodbye! If it is a crayon drawing made by a child in a movie it’s always a same-sex child wearing a vicious smile holding a large knife. The background has family members with ‘X’s over their eyes and a dark figure off to the side. If a mom or dad make a picture, it’s always a circle face with a long one line smile, eyes, tiny ears and probably freckles. And sometimes a nose.

Jeremiah 22:14  Who says, ‘I will build myself a roomy house with spacious upper rooms, and cut out its windows, paneling it with cedar and painting it bright red’.


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