the daily purge 5-12-16


It’s a purse. It’s a purse. It probably belonged to Our Marta at one time but only after My Sweet Rib was done with it. She is the Mechagodzilla of the purse world. Nothing gets between her and a new purse, preferably heavily discounted either through A-zon online or brick’n’mortars like Cohls or Tarßet. Before you say, “Oh, The Purging Lutheran, I’ll bet you’ll be in big trouble for writing that!”, you need to step back and inspect your own lusts and covetous nature. For a long time and for many dollars bill I bought compact discs of music. I think I own, give or take, 2,000 CDs of all the hits, all the time. Maybe you buy cars in a willy nilly fashion, liking this ‘Vette until your eye catches a Benz until a Lexus honks its sweet talkin’ horn at you. Or if you have low self-esteem, but still like cars, you buy a used PT Cruiser, then invest thousands on a Pontiac Aztek while all the while keeping your attention on a VW Beetle.

Hey! Don’t tell me how great a Beetle is. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

We bought Our Marta one years ago and it brought nothing but heartbreak. How difficult are these cars to work on? I was at a Manny, Moe, and Jack’s buying a this or a that, I don’t remember which. I casually asked the guy at the register about changing a lightbulb in a Bug. He raised his voice to me and told me, not asked me, to never think about bring “that car” in for service. My heart sank as I realized the Nazis had indeed won World War Two.

So, I have my thing, MechaSweetRib has hers, you have yours and the rest of the world is zero different. King David had his eyes on the dames. Solomon, the smartest guy going, couldn’t stop marrying women of different kingdoms and following their differing faiths. Judas liked his dirty, filthy lucre and ended up at the bottom of a hill, inside out. Of course, those are extreme examples of the ‘gimmes’. I doubt MSR will end her days in a sanitorium if the purse industry bottoms out and all that are left to carry her lipsticks, Werthers Reasonable Candies, and reading glasses are fanny packs.

James 4:3  You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions.


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