the daily purge 5-11-16


Tada! Yay for decorative stars for Our Marta’s room. She used these long ago to décor her bedroom shortly after we moved in. She hung them strategically on the wall over her headboard designing a constellation known as Ursa Marta. The large stars, Crystallo, Julius and March were hung with care at different heights with smaller stars, Minores, interspersed between them.

What kind of stars are mentioned in the Bible? Well, you’ve got some good stars and you’ve got some bad stars. With a Scripture verse to look up and a rating, they are the following …

The morning star (2 Peter 1:9) – this one precedes the day, and symbolizes Christ bringing the gospel light. Rating: good

Stars that shine (Daniel 12:3) – those who have accepted Christ have the chance to shine His light so brightly that they’ll be ‘like stars.’ Rating: good

The day star (Iaiah 14:12) – this refers to the King of Babylon, who followed in the steps of Satan in wanting to become greater than God. Rating: bad

The Magis’ star (Numbers 24:17) – the star spoken of in Numbers refers to Jesus, the ‘King of the Jews,’ which the Magi recognise and follow. Rating: good

The falling stars (Revelation 12:3-4) – falling stars r
epresent monumental upheaval. Many believe the ‘third of the stars’ indicates a third of the angels, concluding that Satan took angels with him when he was cast out of heaven. Rating: nasty

The infinite stars (Hebrews 11:12)- since the number of stars was considered immeasurable, stars are used when describing an enormous increase. Rating: good

Job 38:32  Can you lead forth a constellation in its season,
And guide the Bear with her satellites?



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