the daily purge 5-10-16


Is it:

a bag of colorful rocks?

a bag of gummie bears?

a bag of colorful rocks and gummie bears?

It’ a bag of colorful rocks.

How do rocks like these get their colors? Theories include different metals getting smooshed together into igneous rock formations thus giving a rainbow effect. Another includes separately colored mountains and/or tectonic plates running head long into each other at the rate of a half inch per year for 200,000,000 years and cramming their colors together. A blue mountain and a yellow mountain charge into each other and after 20 millenia, voila!, emeralds. I think you get the idea. For example, take the red North American Plate and the blue Pacific Plate, the two sitting under Sam’s Andreas Fault right through the heart of the greater Los Angeles area, rub them together and you get hundreds of purple amethysts popping out of the ground during a tremor. Hey, I’m with you, science can be tough to comprehend yet there you have it.

So what are our colorful rocks about? I guess that they were meant to be used for an art project. Maybe to make a mosaic for the garden in our front yard. Perhaps they belonged to a New Age physician who uses colorful rocks for healings. Heat those babies up and place them on specific parts of the body to draw out spirits that have possessed spleens, lungs, muscles and vital organs of the body. It’s the spiritual version of applying leeches to the skin to draw out bad blood. Sometimes there are no answers to the mysteries surrounding us.

Proverbs 3:15  She is more precious than jewels; And nothing you desire compares with her.



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