the daily purge 5-9-16


Our Marta vacationed one summer in Flatland, a book written in 1884 by Edwin Abbott Abbott, where she bought this trumpet. She was dissapointed in the music scene there as it was dominated by, in her words, “a bunch of squares”. She thought she’d teach them something about hip-hop. She failed miserably as there was no dimension to either hip or hop into. The best she could do was slide from side to side like a Texas slide dance or back and forth like a trombone (the French word for paperclip). Her sound came out flat leaving her disappointed so she left but kept the trumpet as a momento of her trip. Being a stranger in a strange land, Our Marta might have not realised she could have been a big hit there with her rendition of Phil Collins’s flat-riddled I Wish It Would Rain Down. Maybe a return visit sees her a conquering heroine.

Being a stranger in a strange land, a Christian has a tough row to hoe, digging deep to withstand blows against his body or against her faith. Stay connected with any or all of your major tribes, be they study groups, family, church, pew mates. Three chords make a tougher bond than a single string. But remember not to treat wanderers the same, but with compassion, humility and tenderness. We don’t do these things for our pride but we do them because He asks us to. How ever we treat Him is the same way we treat the wayfarer.

Matthew 25:28 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?



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